KATHREIN's New Quattro LNB Released

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Digital Fernsehen Magazine Tests And Reviews KATHREIN's New Quattro LNB.

KATHREIN has launched the New Quattro LNB UAS 684. Our Company's Satellite and Terrestrial systems enjoy great popularity among technicians as well as private individuals due to their very high quality. KATHREIN products are durable, of top quality and construction, economic and always designed according to the strictest regulations and International standards.


Digital Fernsehen Magazine Tests If KATHREIN's New Quattro LNB Can Join The High Quality Products It Makes.


The new UAS 684 is a Universal Quattro LNB used to feed Multi-Switch, Digital Headend's or other distribution options with satellite signals. The UAS 684 is the direct successor of the popular UAS 584. As usual, the LNB is delivered in a well-packaged box, with a waterproof housing and detailed instructions. Four F Connectors are also included in the scope of delivery. It quickly becomes clear that the new feed system can be used with all KATHREIN CAS antennas.

The LNB housing offers full weather protection for the sensitive receiver and is also IP 54 marked. KATHREIN's new LNB is also massively shielded from interference. There are four outputs on the LNB, one output for the vertical  low band, one for the vertical  high band, another for the horizontal low band and finally one for the horizontal high band ( VL - VH - HL - HH ).

The instructions provided in the LNB package not only contain installation tips and the azimuth/elevation table, they also contain examples for distribution systems. There are also instructions for installing the F plugs.


Once Again, KATHREIN Shows The Way To Correct Product Disposition, With Comprehensive Technical Advice And Installation Instructions.

UAS 684 was installed on a KATHREIN CAS 80 antenna, to measure the received power. We placed the feed system in the middle, at the optimal focal point to exclusively capture Astra's position at 19.2 degrees East. The results of measurements across the spectrum speak for themselves. An average of 15.8 decibels of usable signal is obtained with the power system in this position.

Thus, it turns out that the new feeding system is in no way inferior to the previous KATHREIN LNB. An extreme test with very low radio packet symbol rates on the Eutelsat 16a satellite also proves a very high stability of the new KATHREIN LNB.

The UAS 684 may also surprise you as it only requires about 70 milliamperes to power it. This is half of the current consumption. In addition, the device can handle a supply voltage between 9 and 19 Volts.

Conclusion: With the new Quattro LNB UAS 684, KATHREIN continues the success story of feed systems. Excellent shooting results, low power consumption and perfect construction give you no choice but to rate this device with an excellent rating.


Why You Should Trust Us

KATHREIN Digital Systems, is the market leader for digital satellite and terrestrial reception technology and a strong partner for Technical and Construction Companies as well as Hotels and end customers. Thanks to innovative technologies and comprehensive support – from design to project commissioning – KATHREIN stands for reliable connection of people and entertainment services like no other company.

Thanks to our sales network and a competent dedicated team - KATHREIN which has been established for more than 100 years as the traditional company based in Rosenheim - we supply products from the fields of Satellite and Terrestrial Reception, Broadband Cable Networks, Digital Headends for Hotels, Stadiums, Airports, Settlements etc., Camping & Caravan, DAB+ Radios, Network Technology and Passive DAS.



In addition, KATHREIN relies on high quality, continuous and further development as well as consistent sustainability for all products and processes. Both the development and the technical support we offer you are some of the features that make us stand out and lead in our industry.

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