#LYRA S.A Company was founded in 1956 and sells exclusive products of #KATHREIN factories in Germany.
Our company, all these years of operation, has focused its attention, to the customer, The quality of
her materials and her credibility. We focus on each customer individually and our philosophy is to always
offer you the perfect answer and solution to every requirement. Our Reliability demonstrated
by the 60 years of operation in Greece, and from the larger CATV networks projects
made from our company.

'' Satellite Reception & Broadband Solutions ''

Our company employs and cooperates with fully qualified staff, electronics, Mechanicals, engineers,
Electricians and with the full range of instruments at our disposal, we can guarantee excellent
results for any job and our task assigned. It is worth noting that the 2004 Olympics in our company
were commissioned studies and we built some of the largest CATV works of that period.

'' We Guarantee the Highest Quality for TV and Radio Reception ''

With the wide variety of parts that we sell we can offer the ideal solution with perfect performance
in each case as:
  • Satellite reception systems and antenna systems for terrestrial reception
  • Antenna systems for fixed cellular phone network
  • Transmission and reception antennas for analogue and digital TV and radio
  • Broadband communications systems
  • Radio antennas and receiving systems for mobile use
  • Vehicle and portable antennas and automotive electronics
  • RFID Systems

Always Offering To The Customers The Ideal Answer To Any Requirement.


Our Company, LYRA SA | KATHREIN Digital Systems, All These Years Of Operation, Has Focused Her Attention, To The Customer, The Quality Of Her Materials And Her Credibility.It's Not Accidental The Fact That The Greatest Projects In Greece Have Built From Our Company And With Ours Materials.

Partners Privileges

  • Designing Your Network.
  • Top Quality & Reliability of Materials.
  • Expertise.
  • Technical Support
  • Update For Every New Technological Evolution.
  • Seminars Within and Outside Greece.
  • Worldwide BrandName Recognition.