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Optical Distribution Systems For Satellite And Terrestrial Signals

The main advantages in using an optical Sat-IF distribution system lie in the very low distribution losses and otherwise in only using one very thin fi bre cable to distribute all four satellite polarities. The dependence on the price of copper and the diffi culties in laying four relatively thick and heavy coaxial cables are thus surmounted.

The particular charm of the CLIK! system lies specifi cally in the ease of handling such thin cables and in the design of the connectors used – very narrow and fi tted with a slide-guided connector. CLIK! – the audible connector engagement into the output port is an immediate confi rmation that a perfect connection has been made. The CLIK! system is a completely planned-through distribution system encompassing the transmitter, the miniaturised distribution components and the optical receiver. The optical fi bre cables are fi tted with cablepull

eyelets, so that cable laying through cable conduits is an extremely simple task. The slim-designed distribution material can be either on-wall screw fi xed or installed discretely in a fi bre management box. Up to fi ve meters of overlong fi bres can be handled in a fi bre management box.

Kathrein‘s optical Sat distribution products are the ideal solution for TV/radio reception in large distribution systems, such as those in housing areas, high-rise buildings, underground car parks, etc.

As the system design utilises a 4-coax input optical transmitter, standard universal quatro LNBs can be used. Systems can also be extended by cascading optical transmitters. The optical transmitter is fi tted with AGC (Automatic Gain Control). As standard LNBs can be used with the CLIK! system, satellite antennas can be aligned as beforehand using standard Sat-IF signal meters. The miniature connector design is used on all components in the system from the transmitter through all distribution components to the fi nal optical receiver ensuring full ease of installation throughout the installation.

The high optical “link budget” allows one to simply and economically plan and install larger Sat-IF systems in larger tower blocks and in blocks of fl ats over longer distances. Terrestrial signals can also be fed into the system and distributed. Since one is using optical fi bres (no metal screening is involved), the question of potential differences (i.e. between buildings) is not relevant any more. The use of additional amplifiers is not necessary and this results in both an economic and an energy-saving effect.

  • Scalable optical Sat distribution system consisting ofoptical transmitters, harmonised optical receivers and all necessary passive distribution components.
  • Easy installation due to miniaturised design.


Optical Transmitter, OSC 100

  • Standard universal quatro LNB (UAS 584) for installation and alignment of the antenna.
  • Easy system planning using the “CLIKulator”.
  • Transmission of the entire digital terrestrial frequency range incl. FM
  • AGC (no adjustment required)
  • Premium optical CLIK! connector CLIK!
  • Optical budget up to 21 dB.
  • For indoor installation.


Optical Transmitter, OEC 40 -  OEC 44


  • Premium optical CLIK! connector.
  • Easy system planning using the “CLIKulator”.
  • Transmission of the entire terrestrial frequency range.
  • Premium optical CLIK! connector.
  • For indoor installation

    OEC 40 – Optical receiver quatro (fixed outputs) 4 x Sat-IF and 1 x terrestrial
    OEC 44 – Optical receiver quad (switchable outputs) 4 x Sat and terrestrial


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Our Company, LYRA SA | KATHREIN Digital Systems, All These Years Of Operation, Has Focused Her Attention, To The Customer, The Quality Of Her Materials And Her Credibility.It's Not Accidental The Fact That The Greatest Projects In Greece Have Built From Our Company And With Ours Materials.

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