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Coaxial Cables For Satellite And Terrestrial Reception

The best satellite or terrestrial system doesn't make sense without a high-quality coaxial cable. With the strong coaxial cables of our Company, you have an excellent HD TV, for a relaxed and trouble-free TV night. Coaxial cables are also called antenna cables or satellite cables. They are "responsible" for transmitting video-image and audio signals to the satellite-terrestrial receiver or television.

All the coaxial cables of our Company, are high quality cables, are digitally compatible, support signal reception in HD and 4k and are suitable for cable, satellite and terrestrial reception.

Coaxial cables have been subject to Fire Safety Regulations since July 2017. The most important role for the selection of coaxial cable is the shielding to avoid interference from external factors (eg mobile telephony that is added to the television frequencies, etc.) The cables of our Company have the maximum so far.


Signal Reception Without Interferences Thanks To KATHREIN High Quality Coaxial Cables


Each coaxial cable that carries a TV signal also acts as an receiving antenna, because it receives external electromagnetic signals which it adds to the signal it transmits. At the same time, it also acts as a transmitting antenna, transmitting to the surrounding area a portion of the signal it transmits.

With 130 dB shielding protection and high protection against LTE interference, they make them ideal for any requirement. They are the only coaxial cables in Greece that are Certified by KDG / Vodafone Kabel Deutschland and Certified by Dibkom. (Click HERE to see all the materials of our Company that are approved by Vodafone KDG)


We have RG6 Coaxial Cables for Indoor and Outdoor Installation Resistant to Ultraviolet Radiation As well as RG11 Coaxial Cables for Underground Installation.

Some of their features, which differentiate them from the rest of the cables in their category, are the following:

  • They have Three (3) Level Protection
  • Shield Protection 130 dB
  • LTE Interference Protection
  • Very Low Loss Due To The Large Diameter Of The Internal Builder Of 1.13 mm
  • They meet the EN 50117 / A ++ control class standard
  • Included in the High Categories of Building Material Fire Safety EU Regulation 305/2011
  • No Halogen, No Lead, No Silicone
  • CE certificates they have, state that they comply with the following standards and guidelines: EN 50575, EN 50581 EN 60728-11, EN 50117-2-3 / -2-4, RoHS

We also have a full range of adapters, pre-assembled cables for satellite and terrestrial reception, plugs suitable for RG6 and RG11 cables, pressed plugs.


If you have any questions about our Company's coaxial cables and plugs or any product, our customer consultants will be happy to help.

Ask us to send you the complete list of our cables and our products. The choice of KATHREIN is a safe investment.

Our Heart Beats Digitally

Our Company, during all these years of operation, has focused its attention on the customer, on the quality of its materials and on its reliability. We focus on each customer individually and our philosophy is to always offer the ideal answer and solution to each of his requirements.


Our Company, LYRA SA | KATHREIN Digital Systems, All These Years Of Operation, Has Focused Her Attention, To The Customer, The Quality Of Her Materials And Her Credibility.It's Not Accidental The Fact That The Greatest Projects In Greece Have Built From Our Company And With Ours Materials.

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