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Aluminium Satellite Antennas Certified By TUV

A satellite antenna-dishe enables you to receive a nearly unlimited variety of channels. Due to multifeed technology, signals can be received from several satellites and used by an almost unlimited number of subscribers simultaneous– without any additional equipment. Compared to other transmission paths, this makes satellite reception interesting for both individual and shared systems. Our advanced distribution technology and sophisticated planning tool enable a single satellite antenna to supply several flats or even entire blocks of houses with the channel diversity of several satellites.

Experience Best Picture Quality In HD and 4k Via KATHREIN Satellite Antenna

Well-designed system components, such as our LNBs, ensure a crystal-clear picture – both in HD and 4k. LNB is short for “Low Noise Block” and means as much as “low-noise signal converter” or “low-noise feed system”. Its main task is collecting the signals received by the antenna. It is one of the most important components of a satellite reception system. No matter whether installing a new or retrofitting an existing system, whether single or shared systems

Signal distribution via multi-switches and network amplifiers makes satellite reception not only suitable for new buildings. Retrofitting an existing system can also be carried out easily and flexibly. Combinations with other signals such as DVB-T/-T2 or cable TV are also possible.

If You Have Any Questions About Satellite Reception Or In A Specific Product, Our Customer Support Will Be Pleased To Help You.

 Satellite Antenna 90 cm - CAS 90 Technical Data

  • Consists of reflector, feed system mounting and mast clamp
  • Reflector in proven powder coated aluminium design
  • Powder coated galvanised steel sheet feed system mounting
  • Hot dip galvanised steel sheet mast clamp
  • Optimum electrical specification with ultra-compact mechanical dimensions thanks to offset feed and tilting multi-feed adaptor plate for positioning the feed systems at the typical side focuses for multi-feed reception
  • Exchangeable multi-feed adaptor plate included
  • Two universal feed systems can be mounted on the carrier arm without additional components for reception from satellites 3° to 4° (ASTRA 19.2°/23.5°) or 6° (e.g. ASTRA/EUTELSAT-HOTBIRD) offset
  • Convenient installation: Completely pre-installed, reflector with keyhole mounting, large wing nuts with attachment surface for size 17 open-ended spanner, elevation scale on both sides
  • All connecting fittings (screws, rivets, washers, M10 threaded clips) made of corrosion resistant stainless steel or die-cast zinc
  • Weatherproof plastic snap-in cable holder for up to eight coaxial cables
  • Patented multi-feed adaptor plate tilt facility in stable, corrosion resistant die cast aluminium
  • For other combinations, the ZAS 90 multi-feed adaptor plate is also required

Type: CAS 90gr
Order no.: 20010033
Diameter: 90 cm
Colour: Graphite (similar to RAL 7012)
Reception range: 10,70-12,75 GHz
Antenna gain at 10.70-11.70 GHz/11.70-12.50 GHz/12.50-12.75 GHz: 38,6/39,2/39,6 dBi
Figure of merit ²) for central feed system; UAS 177/572/584/585: 18,8/19,8 dB/K
Figure of merit ²) for feed system spacing 3 -4°; UAS 177/572/584/585: 18,3/18,3 dB/K
Figure of merit ²) for feed system spacing 6°; UAS 177/572/584/585: 17,9/18,7 dB/K
Cross-polarisation decoupling: Typ. > 27 dB
Wind load ³): 730 N
Max. permissible wind speed: 190 km/h
Adjustment range Elevation/Azimuth: Mast-side mounting
Multi-feed adaptor plate adjustment range: +/- 20 °
Half-power beam width ¹): Typ. < 1,9 °
Mast clamp range: 48-90 mm
Weight approx. net/gross: 9,9/13,5 kg
Dimensions max. height: 1030 mm
Dimensions protrusion max. (from mast centre without feed system): 880 mm
Dimensions width: 987 mm
Packing unit: 1050 x 1050 x 230 mm


KATHREIN Digital Systems is the market leader for digital satellite, terrestrial, cable or IP reception and signal distribution in buildings and caravans. Our high-quality and reliable product portfolio for modern TV and radio reception is constantly being expanded to include innovative solutions in the field of building technology.

Thanks to extensive know-how in development and unsurpassed quality standards in production, our solutions and systems are among the best in their class. High-quality satellite reception systems in conjunction with sophisticated solutions for signal distribution, whether in single-family homes or in large building complexes, bring the signals to the receiving equipment in best HD quality.

New technologies such as SAT>IP, optical sat distribution or modular headend technology for hotel TV close the gap between traditional signal distribution and modern optical fibre and network technology.

KATHREIN Digital Systems’ advanced solutions are also the best choice for mobile TV reception in caravans and mobile homes.


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