Offset Parabolic Antennas - LNB

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Aluminium Satellite Dish 120cm - LNB

  • Antenna including refl ector and feed system support
  • Patented skew-capable multi-feed adapter plate in robust, corrosion-resistant aluminium
  • Refl ector made of aluminium, powder coated
  • Feed system support and refl ector rear section made of powder coated galvanised sheet steel
  • Snap cable clips of weather-proof plastic for up to eight coaxial cables
  • Optimal electrical data in lowest mechanical dimensions due to offset feed and slewable multi-feed adapter plate allowing the feed systems to be positioned into the secondary focal points typical in multi-feed reception



  • No additional components are required to be able to mount two universal feed systems to receive the signals of satellites 3° to 4° (e.g. ASTRA 19.2°/23.5°) or 6° apart on the boom When satellites are positioned 6° apart, an additional feed system can be mounted in the centre (three satellites, 3°apart each)
  • Alternative multi-feed adapter plate included in delivery scope
  • Additionally required for mounting: ZAS 120 Azimuth/Elevation support


LNB Common quality features

The feed system, also referred to as LNB, is the heart of a satellite reception system. Here, the signals are processedand amplified. Satellite TV currently uses the following two Frequency ranges: The high band (11.70-12.75 GHz) and low band (10.70-11.70 GHz).

Since both the high and low bands are required for reception of all programmes, Kathrein feed systems are factory-equipped for both ranges. The systems are technologically mature and offer top picture and sound quality at all times. HDTV (High Defi nition Television) and 3D can be received with any Kathrein LNB.
As far as long-term usage is concerned, the feed systems are sealed in such a manner that they are protected against rain water and can therefore be used in adverse weather conditions. A low noise fi gure and a high system fi gure of merit ensure an excellent reception quality, even with smaller reflectors.

Due to their compact design, up to three Kathrein feed systems for multi-feed reception can be mounted on one parabolic antenna. Kathrein‘s product range includes four types of feed systems:

Common quality features:

  • UAS 571: Switching between frequency ranges (low/high) and polarisations (horiz./vert.) is effected whenever a programme is selected on the receiver.
  • UAS 572: For single reception systems with two receivers or systems for two subscribers. Switching between the frequency ranges (low/high) and the polarisations (horiz./vert.) is effected, as in the single feed system, through programme selection on the receiver.
  • UAS 584: The UAS 584 feed system can be used to supply switching matrices or head-ends in cable TV systems.
  • UAS 585: For community antenna network systems. Features an integrated switching matrix. Switching between the frequency ranges is effected through programme selection on the receiver, as is done in the single feed system. It is possible to extend the system to more than four connections.





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