OPAP Protypo Store

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Our Company equips OPAP's New Protypo Store with Satellite and Earth Signal.


OPAP's protypo store marks the beginning of a new era for the retail network of OPAP with the opening of the Protypo store. This new generation store features a new layout that further enhances and enhances the game's features while offering guests a pleasant and warm environment. The Protypo store aims to become the ultimate entertainment destination. OPAP, is the leading gaming company in Greece and one of the best known in the industry in the world.

Our company, LYRA SA | KATHREIN, equipped Opap protypo store with kathrein satellite dishes to receive the Hotbird satellite 13.0 ° E and Eutelsat 9 ° E, Terrestrial antenna, kathrein, for receiving local channels, multiswitches, kathrein, for the distribution of satellite signals, UHF signal amplifier, kathrein, lightning protection, kathrein, as well as the necessary kathrein splitters and tap off to distribute the terrestrial signal to all kathrein sockets.



Our Company, all these years of operation, has focused its attention on the customer, the quality of its materials and its credibility.
We focus on each customer separately and our philosophy is to always offer the ideal answer and solution to each of its requirements.

Our credibility is proven by more than 60 years of operation in Greece and by the largest CATV network projects that have been built by our Company #LYRA SA

All of our materials have the necessary certificates of suitability and are manufactured in accordance with the strictest European specifications.



Our Company, LYRA SA | KATHREIN Digital Systems, All These Years Of Operation, Has Focused Her Attention, To The Customer, The Quality Of Her Materials And Her Credibility.It's Not Accidental The Fact That The Greatest Projects In Greece Have Built From Our Company And With Ours Materials.

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