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High Specification Coaxial Cables With 130 dB Screening Attenuation At 2400 MHz | KATHREIN Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cables are commonly referred to as TV cables, antenna cables, satellite cables or RF cables. They transmit the signal from the antennas, either terrestrial or satellite, to the amplification and distribution center and transmit video and audio signal to various transmitters.

Even the best satellite system is useless without a connection cable of an equally high quality. Our high-performance coaxial cables enable you to receive excellent HDTV – for a relaxed and trouble-free TV night.

CE, Fire Safety Certificate And Declaration Of Performance Must Have Each Coaxial Cable According to Regulation 305/2011 For Construction Products (CPR).

The publication of the standard EN 50575: 2014 in the Official Journal of the European Union laid the foundations for the implementation of CPR (Construction Product Regulation) by all market participants. This Standard describes "Power Cables, Control and Communication Cables, Coaxial Cables, and Applications, in Structures Related to their Performance and Fire Response Requirements."


 In areas with special requirements, such as hospitals, schools, airports, conference facilities and hotels, where there is a large concentration of people, all materials used must be of limited flammability, with low smoke emission and zero halogen emissions in case of fire, according to with the nationals regulations and national and European standards.


The European Commission has implemented the CPR Regulation in order to increase the safety of the premises, harmonizing and categorizing the materials of the construction sector for the whole of the European Union. Coaxial cables play a very important role in this regulation, as they are an integral part of all installations.

Therefore, all cables that are permanently installed in a "fixed" installation are covered by the CPR regulation. This Regulation was adopted on 9 March 2011 and published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 4 April 2011.

The Euroclass table classifies all building materials into categories, depending on their reaction to fire, smoke emission and toxic gas emissions. These categories (Euroclasses) extend to a wide range: A, B1, B2, C, D, E and F as they cover all construction materials. For coaxial cables only Euroclasses B2, C, D, E and F are provided depending on the requirements for each installation. From 1 July 2017, cable manufacturers must have their products tested and certified by a notified European testing institute and provide them with a CE mark and a corresponding declaration of performance and compliance.

KATHREIN Cables are Approved by KDG / Vodafone Kabel Deutschland and Certified by Dibkon. Their Development, Production, Quality Assurance and Marketing are Based on the EN: ISO 9001 Standard.

Some of the Cables We Have Are The following:

  • Coaxial Cable Type RG 6. | LCD 115 A ++
    Coaxial cable, Cca, 6.8 mm - Black - Halogen free / flame retardant - Class A+ - UV-resistant - Screening factor typical 130 dB - Bonded foil - Metre marking


  • Coaxial Cable Type RG 6. | LCD 130 A ++
    Coaxial cable, B2ca, 6.9 mm - White PVC - Screening factor typical 130 dB - Class A+ - Metre marking - Construction: 1.13 Cu/4.8 Al/CuSn/Al, bonded foil, According to BauPVO 305/2011 for building installation, escape routes, hospitals, kindergartens, etc.


  • Coaxial Cable Type RG 6. | LCD 111 A ++
    Coaxial cable, Eca, 6.8 mm - White PVC - Screening factor typical 130 dB - Class A++ - Metre marking - Construction: 1.13 Cu/4.8 Al/CuSn/Al, bonded foil.

  •  Coaxial Cable Type RG 11. | LCΜ 14 A + Coaxial cable, Dca, 10.4 mm - Black - Halogen free / flame retardant - Screening factor typical 120 dB - Metre marking - Attenuation/100 m: 12.2 dB (860 MHz), 20.3 dB (2150 MHz)


  • Coaxial Cable Type RG 11. | LCΜ 17 A +  Coaxial cable, Fca, 10.4 mm - Suitable for underground installation - Screening factor typical 120 dB - Metre marking, class A+ - Construction: 1.63 Cu/7.2 Al/CuSn/Al, black PE



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