IP Digital Headend With 4 HDMI Inputs

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KATHREIN IPTV Digital Headend, Is The Ideal Option For Distribution Of IP Signals To Hotels, Stadiums, Hospitals, Cruise Ships etc.

The Digital Systems and the professional solutions we propose are High Quality, Time Resistant, Timeless, Energy Efficient and Economical. KATHREIN Digital Headend combines innovation and tradition in a unique way. They provide users with the technological basis for today's and tomorrow's challenges in the field of signal processing technology.

IPTV Headend Stand-Alone 19 '' | Quality Is Not An Optin, It's A Must !!!

KATHREIN Iptv Headend 19 '', allows the combined reception of Sixteen Sixteen DVB-S / S2 signals and reception of Two multiple DVB-S signals, S2, T, T2 and C. The autonomous central unit IP 19 "with saving design (1 RU) has 6-way (CI) decryption capability.The UFO 512IP 19 '' series also has a high level of Energy efficiency and remote configuration.Extended signal processing with NIT filtering function, support for different LCN standards and flexible decryption capabilities provide a variety of applications.The USW 800 management software is an intuitive, user-friendly software designed specifically for configuring KATHREIN Headends.

The modern Headend's of our Company, process and channel in the distribution system all types of DVB signals that can be received. TVs with built-in DVB-T, DVB-C or IPTV receivers deliver live video or radio programs in high definition quality.

The IP Stand-Alone Digital Headend Is Available in Four Models:

  1. UFO IP512
  2. UFO IP512/CI ( With Six CAM Insertion Position )
  3. UFO IP512 HDMI (With Four HDMI Inputs )
  4. UFO IP512 HDMI / CI  ( With Four HDMI Inputs And Six CAM Insertion Position )


All Our Models Have:

  • 19” standalone Headend unit (1HU) with 16 DVB-S(2) with DiSEqC™ 1.0 support and two DVB-S(2)/T(2)/C multi-standard frontends (standards cannot be combined, no DiSEqC™ support for DVB-S(2) input 9)
  • Conversion to DVB-IPTV. Simultaneous service pool with 494 SPTS and 18 MPTS or 512 SPTS
  • 8 sat IF inputs with DiSEqC™ 1.0 functionality for sat multi-switches for flexible distribution to 2 x 8 frontends and one input (non-switchable DVB-S(2)) for the two multi-standard frontends
  • Hot swapping for power supply unit and fan
  • Two redundant wideband power supply units
  • Remote maintenance and configuration can be set up using the USW 800 configuration software
  • Service name and channel renaming
  • Supports SAP (Session Announcement Protocol) and M3U
  • Power supply for two LNBs and one active antenna
  • Unlimited cascading via IP network or the internal switch (integrated network). Joint administration and configuration of system network (NIT, LCN, channel assignment etc.)
  • SNMP preparation
  • 1HU in 19” cabinet

See the full Technical Characteristics by clicking HERE.

Why You Have To Choose  KATHREIN Digital Headend?

  • Offer "your customers" the content they like
  • Create an international and flexible service
  • Provide the best possible quality
  • Give them the opportunity to watch their local channels
  • Use a Headend KATHREIN

Some of the features that make them stand out are:

  • Complete solution
  • Multiple specifications use DVB.DVB-C / -T, DVB-IP, HDMI, ...
  • High system flexibility - adaptable to different customer requirements and building sizes
  • User friendly service
  • Very high operating stability
  • Zero error rate


The provision of specialized technologies for the IPTV system and Digital Headends offers a number of advantages for the customers of our Company's products, such as superior support services based on deep know-how of the provided technologies, ability to create customized and flexible business activities or to respond quickly to new market requirements.

Our Company all these years of operation, has focused its attention on the customer, the quality of its materials and its reliability. We focus on each customer individually and our philosophy is to always offer the ideal answer and solution to each of his requirements .

Our reliability is proven by our more than 60 years of operation in Greece and by the largest network projects that have been constructed by our Company LYRA SA.


If You Have Questions About Our Digital Headned's Our Customer Consultants Will Be Happy To Help You.


Our Company, LYRA SA | KATHREIN Digital Systems, All These Years Of Operation, Has Focused Her Attention, To The Customer, The Quality Of Her Materials And Her Credibility.It's Not Accidental The Fact That The Greatest Projects In Greece Have Built From Our Company And With Ours Materials.

Partners Privileges

  • Designing Your Network.
  • Top Quality & Reliability of Materials.
  • Expertise.
  • Technical Support
  • Update For Every New Technological Evolution.
  • Seminars Within and Outside Greece.
  • Worldwide BrandName Recognition.